Focusing on Women’s Health: A Head to Toe Assessment

women1Women have health issues unique to them, or have health issues that affect both men and women, but affect women differently.   The following is the next in a series of articles for Chai Times that will cover a variety of women’s health issues:

Women and Heart Disease

Most women know the symptoms of a heart attack such as squeezing chest pain, shortness of breath, and nausea.   But as it turns out, these symptoms are more typical for males.   Female heart attacks can be quite different — and it’s important for all women to learn the warning signs.

In a study of female heart attack patients, scientists found that during an attack, 43% of the 515 women studied had no “acute chest pain, a ‘hallmark symptom in men.’”   The study noted some common female heart attack symptoms:

  • shortness of breath (57.9%)
  • weakness (54.8%)
  • unusual fatigue (42.9%)

The study also noted that women had other atypical heart attack symptoms, too such as nausea, dizziness, lower chest discomfort, upper abdominal pressure or discomfort that feels like indigestion, and upper back pain.

Today, heart disease is the leading cause of death in women.  Often, women are unaware that these symptoms can be a sign of a heart problem, and blame them on heartburn or indigestion, arthritis, or stress, experts say. If women become short of breath with little exertion, they tell themselves they are out of shape, overworked, or fatigued.

Remember, notice the signs of a heart attack and know that these can be different than what we see in male heart attack patients.

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