Downsizing in our Later Years – How To Reduce the Stress of Moving

movingstressWith the children out of the house, and sometimes even finding ourselves alone, there comes a time when we are ready to downsize from that big, unmanageable home, to a smaller condominium, apartment community and even independent living residence.

Easier said than done.

The process of moving to a new residence can be among the most stressful events for people of any age.  For seniors who have not had to make this transition for 50 or 60 years, and with families dispersed, the reality is that handling the move on one’s own can be emotionally and physically overwhelming.

What to do?

Don’t handle the move on your own.

Get advice from friends and families to help in making decisions about how to downsize, what to sell or donate and what to bring to the new residence.  Solicit their referrals for moving companies and find the best one to meet your needs based upon their own experiences.  Ask friends and family for their help in packing and moving day activities.

There are many companies that help seniors plan and manage their move, such as the Senior Move Management service of MorseLife Care Management.   This company starts fresh with talking with the client about any challenges foreseen.  Next, they review floor plans for the new residence to determine what will fit and create a new design plan in advance of fitting furniture into the new space.  Some will even manage the actual move.

Remember also that your moving company can handle packing and unpacking for an additional price.  While you still have to be there to supervise, having someone else do the packing and unpacking can be a load off of your mind.

Ultimately, a move to a new home can be an exciting time as you find yourself in a brand new environment, particularly if you are living in a residence that offers many opportunities to meet new friends.   This is particularly important if you felt isolated from family and friends in your previous home.   Remember that socialization can be as beneficial to your health as exercise and nutrition.  Being around friends and family can lift spirits and reduce depression that often comes from being alone.

So, take the stress out of the move by not doing it alone. 

For information:

MorseLife Care Management:  (561) 209-6174

MorseLife Home Care:  (561) 616-0707

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